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Being the successor to a legend is no easy challenge. But being the “Chosen One?” That may be impossible. At this time last year, Jimmy Garoppolo was...Continue reading »

For the first time in four years and probably only the second time in eight years, I made the trek out to Foxboro for a Patriots game.  Even with past...Continue reading »

The story just keeps getting worse in the Aaron Hernandez case.  One minute you think he is covering for a bad decision by one or two of his friends,...Continue reading »

And now the ring story surfaces again.  I love the story because it gives me such mixed feelings.  One minute it makes me dislike Patriots owner Robert...Continue reading »

Well, it has sunk in by now that Tim Tebow is on the Patriots.  Back in December of 2011 I couldn’t wait for Tebow and the Denver Broncos to play the...Continue reading »

Fans from New England hate Rex Ryan, Alexander Burrows, Peyton Manning, and Alex Rodriguez among many others, but there is one person that, after the Ravens-Patriots...Continue reading »

As Tim Thomas sits in his bunker outside Flint, Michigan preparing for the next end-of-the-world-scenario the rest of us can laugh at the Mayans and realize...Continue reading »

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