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As we approach the second half of the NBA season there are several things that appear to be in order. LeBron James is leading a star-studded team, the...Continue reading »

  The King is coming home. This move wasn’t about basketball. It wasn’t about the roster or the management in Cleveland or Miami. This was about...Continue reading »

The following column is dedicated to the sports writing legend Rick Reilly, who retired from sports writing at the beginning of June after more than 30...Continue reading »

I hate to say I told you so, but I did correctly predict both Conference Finals series (Heat in 6 and Spurs in 6), so I kind of did tell you so. If my...Continue reading »

Scandals, drama, stars, and five Game 7’s; TNT really does know drama. But at last, after what looked to be a stacked Western Conference where shakeups...Continue reading »

America is a reactionary country. We don’t make the first move. We sit. We wait. We let it soak in. We don’t take action until there is a reaction....Continue reading »

My Brooklyn Nets, a team seen by many as a title contender, are now the laughingstock of the entire NBA. My friends who are New York Knicks and Boston...Continue reading »

What does it mean for college basketball? What does it mean when all of a sudden, college hoops is blessed with not one, not two, but three bonafide superstars...Continue reading »

If you believe in fate, then you would agree that Greg Oden’s fate is as ugly as a sloth. Lets rewind to June 28, 2007. It was the night of the 2007...Continue reading »

Look back on the sporting universe of 25 years ago. The lights went on in Wrigley Field for the first time (but the Cubs were still under .500). Kirk Gibson...Continue reading »

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