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Being the successor to a legend is no easy challenge. But being the “Chosen One?” That may be impossible. At this time last year, Jimmy Garoppolo was...Continue reading »

It’s playoff time baby! With just over 48 hours until the B’s take the ice at the Garden to kick off what promises to be another thrilling cup...Continue reading »

Left fielder and DH Jonny Gomes was an invaluable hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays during his 2003-2008 tenure with the team. That is, if you needed a good,...Continue reading »

To the delight of America (okay, only Boston and St. Louis), the Red Sox and Cardinals are squaring off in the 2013 World Series. The match-up presents...Continue reading »

There are structures, there are buildings, there are temples, and then there’s Fenway Park. At this time a year ago, there was more turmoil than joy...Continue reading »

The government shutdown that went into effect today is putting the Army vs. Boston College football game in jeopardy. The shutdown has put nearly 800,000...Continue reading »

As I have officially settled in and made my presence known again on this esteemed campus, there is a new brisk of air swinging through the streets of Boston...Continue reading »

One year ago today Red Sox fans were staring the worst season since 1965 right in the face.  Now, one year later, Red Sox fans are staring at a new-look,...Continue reading »

I just spent a better half of this past weekend at the Saberseminar in Boston where I heard from some of the top statistical and mathematical gurus in...Continue reading »

Here I am enjoying the 4th of July weekend and all of a sudden we have fireworks in the Boston sports world.  I feel like these things always come in...Continue reading »

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