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My Brooklyn Nets, a team seen by many as a title contender, are now the laughingstock of the entire NBA. My friends who are New York Knicks and Boston Celtics fans have already started making fun of my pathetic team. In related news, the Knicks are 3-9 and the Boston Celtics are 5-10. For those who haven’t watched the NBA this season, here are a couple of bullet points to get you up to speed about the 2013-2014 Brooklyn Nets season. • The Nets are 3-10 and currently sit dead last in the most pathetic division in the NBA. The hapless New York Knicks, the tanking Philadelphia...Continue reading »

What does it mean for college basketball? What does it mean when all of a sudden, college hoops is blessed with not one, not two, but three bonafide superstars and a cavalcade of intriguing and impressive players? What does it mean when despite growing NCAA controversy about paying players, lawsuits from every which way, and the slowest basketball pace in 50 years, we may be looking at a college season for the ages? It might mean that I have to write about college basketball in the second week of November, as crazy as that sounds. This past Tuesday at the United Center...Continue reading »

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Miami Dolphins last night to capture their first win of the season, but really, who cares? Although it seems the Dolphins have some serious on field issues, the biggest off field issue in team history continues to loom over this once prestigious franchise, who is still dealing with the with one of the weirdest debacles to ever unfold inside of an NFL locker room. Lets quickly rehash. On October 31, Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin left the team citing “emotional reasons.” After his sudden leave of absence from...Continue reading »

If you believe in fate, then you would agree that Greg Oden’s fate is as ugly as a sloth. Lets rewind to June 28, 2007. It was the night of the 2007 NBA Draft, and all eyes were on the Portland Trail Blazers. Earlier that month the Trail Blazers won the NBA Lottery, and with that earned the right to make the first choice in the draft. Now lets rewind again to December 2, 2006. Greg Oden, the number one high school recruit and the two-time defending Gatorade high school basketball player of the year, made his along awaited college debut as a member of the Ohio State...Continue reading »

Left fielder and DH Jonny Gomes was an invaluable hitter for the Tampa Bay Rays during his 2003-2008 tenure with the team. That is, if you needed a good, hard, right hook thrown in a brawl.  Gomes never met a fight he didn’t like, from spring training in 2008 through a bench-clearer against the Red Sox in 2009. No wonder he holds the Rays’ record for being hit by a pitch (28).  Unfortunately, he was an all or nothing ball hitter, and that left him knocking around for a few years with Oakland and Cincinnati before the Red Sox picked up his contract this year. Last...Continue reading »

To the delight of America (okay, only Boston and St. Louis), the Red Sox and Cardinals are squaring off in the 2013 World Series. The match-up presents two teams at very different points in their story. The 2013 Red Sox bear little resemblance to the 2012 version of the team, even though many players are the same. Thanks to fresh faces like Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, and Mike Napoli, and inspired play by the incumbents, the Red Sox have been rejuvenated as a baseball-mashing, beard-growing force of nature. The Cardinals? Yawn. They’ve been here before. Quite a lot...Continue reading »

There are structures, there are buildings, there are temples, and then there’s Fenway Park. At this time a year ago, there was more turmoil than joy surrounding Fenway as the Red Sox had just finished last in the AL East. Bobby Valentine was more like a bad babysitter than a manager, the Red Sox consecutive sell-out streak had just come to an end, and GM Ben Cherington traded away Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto (over $100 million in payroll) to the Los Angeles Dodgers. It all but seemed that tough times had returned to America’s most...Continue reading »

Look back on the sporting universe of 25 years ago. The lights went on in Wrigley Field for the first time (but the Cubs were still under .500). Kirk Gibson hit his iconic home run off of Dennis Eckersley in Game 1 of the World Series. Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, but still couldn’t get past the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons. The NFL was coming off a strike shortened season to record television ratings and fan interest. And a couple babies named Clayton Kershaw and Stephen Curry were born. What really has changed? The lights are on a lot more at Wrigley, but the...Continue reading »

The St. Louis Cardinals are on the brink of making a World Series appearance, again. Although the Cardinals lost 6-4 yesterday to the Los Angeles Dodgers and are headed back to St. Louis with a slim 3-2 series lead in the NLCS, the Cardinals have found themselves in same position as last season; one win away from a trip to the World Series. When the 2013 MLB season started, few experts predicted the Cardinals would be back in World Series contention, with good reason too. Hitting coach Mark McGwire decided not to return to the team, first baseman Lance Berkman left during...Continue reading »

Limbo is a place no person ever dreams of entering. However, if you’re Jadeveon Clowney, that’s essentially what this season represents for the country’s most highly touted amateur athlete. In case you might have forgotten, Jadeveon Clowney became the talk of college football and more importantly, NFL scouts, when he obliterated Michigan running back Vincent Smith in last year’s Outback Bowl. Clowney’s tackle, in which he not only knocks out Smith, but also forces a fumble and then recovers the ball, would become the “play of the year” in college football,...Continue reading »

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