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Muhammad Ali once said, “suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” Was he right? Keep reading. Your answer may change from beginning to end of this column. It’s the fourth quarter of the biggest game of your career. It’s the Super Bowl, and your team is down by three points with two minutes left in the game. You’re the quarterback, so your teammates are depending on you to lead them down the field and score the game-winning touchdown. But here’s the problem: you’re hurt. Earlier in the game you suffered a serious leg injury and your foot...Continue reading »

With only two weeks to go until kickoff, anticipation for the 2014 World Cup is higher than ever before.  Some of the best athletes on the planet will be taking their talents to Brazil for the biggest and most widely viewed sporting event around the world.  Brazil hasn’t hosted the tournament since 1950, despite having won five times and having arguably the richest footballing culture in the world.  The games will take place over a month-long period in June and July, and what a spectacle they will be.  Matches will be played in 12 locations across the country, from...Continue reading »

Major League Baseball has a major problem on its hands. And no, it’s not a problem they’re particularly accustomed to facing. See, the MLB has faced its fair share of nuisances: the gambling escapades of Shoeless Joe Jackson in the 20’s, as well as of Pete Rose in the late 80’s. Oh, and I would be remised to not mention the whole steroid era thing, which I’m sure all of us tired of hearing about that by now. Though, before getting into the problem that the MLB is facing here in 2014, I should clarify that the so-called “problem” has evolved at such...Continue reading »

Being the successor to a legend is no easy challenge. But being the “Chosen One?” That may be impossible. At this time last year, Jimmy Garoppolo was entering his senior year at the FCS school Eastern Illinois. To Patriots Nation, he was unknown and unheard of, but a diamond in the rough waiting to be found. Garoppolo was light years away from the possibility of playing in Gillette Stadium. To be precise, he was 1,054 miles (the exact distance from O’Brian Stadium, Eastern Illinois’ home field, to Gillette Stadium). He played at a small school with almost no TV...Continue reading »

Scandals, drama, stars, and five Game 7’s; TNT really does know drama. But at last, after what looked to be a stacked Western Conference where shakeups were bound to occur and an Eastern Conference that was just as unpredictable with the poor play of the Indiana Pacers, the No. 1 and No 2. Seeds from each conference have prevailed. The Conference Finals are upon us. Lego. Eastern Conference Finals: Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers The rematch is here baby! After a dramatic playoff journey that put the Pacers on the verge of being bounced in the first round of the playoffs,...Continue reading »

CHAOS HAS ERUPTED!! I REPEAT: CHAOS HAS ERUPTED!! JOHNNY MANZIEL IS GOING TO CLEVELAND. I REPEAT: JOHNNY FOOTBALL IS A BROWN. Whoo. Okay. I’m glad we got that out of the way. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than be good. And sometimes, if you’re really really lucky and desperate, that luck lands you the most hyped NFL prospect of the last decade. With the NFL Draft pushed back an extra two weeks this year (what an absolute dread I must add), the rumors swirling around the league regarding the landing spot of Johnny Manziel felt more like the Vatican picking a...Continue reading »

America is a reactionary country. We don’t make the first move. We sit. We wait. We let it soak in. We don’t take action until there is a reaction. We look the other way because we’re afraid of what we don’t know. The NBA is no exception, and a prime example of today’s American society. Donald Sterling has never been good at owning an NBA basketball team. He bought the Clippers in 1981, and up until the Clippers rare fortune landed them Blake Griffin in the 2009 NBA Draft, Sterling’s team was one of the worst in North American professional sports. In Sterling’s...Continue reading »

It’s playoff time baby! With just over 48 hours until the B’s take the ice at the Garden to kick off what promises to be another thrilling cup run this city could not be more ready. On the heels of an emotional memorial to the tragic events that occurred at the marathon last year, it’s time to once again show the world what Boston is made of. It’s not like the B’s haven’t been blowing the doors off almost every team in the NHL all year, but the playoffs are a new level – a clean slate. In a best of seven series any team can get hot. Pucks will bounce,...Continue reading »

Every successful man you meet in life will tell you that their personal achievements have only been made possible because they have always had a wingman at their side. Without the wingman there is no man. He is not crucial, vital, or necessary; he is essential. The wingman guides you, protects you, embarks with you, and of course he is always there to bail you out. If you don’t know who or what I am talking about, I’m speaking of an undercover legend that for the last 14 years has quietly been one of the best kickers in all of football. His name is Phil Dawson. To...Continue reading »

Last night’s action filled National Title game between Auburn and Florida State not only gave us an amazing game and a great end to another college football season, but more importantly, it brought us to the end of a spectacular era in college football. Some may look back at the past 16 years of college football and call it controversial, unfair, unjust, or unruly. At times it was chaotic, hectic, unreasonable, doubtful, and even hierarchical. But amidst these claims, we can never argue that the BCS wasn’t exciting, full of theatrics, and like last night’s game,...Continue reading »

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