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Less than a week ago I was sitting in Grandstand 22 at Fenway Park as the Red Sox battled the Blue Jays in a midweek match-up.  It was replica ring night...Continue reading »

One year ago today Red Sox fans were staring the worst season since 1965 right in the face.  Now, one year later, Red Sox fans are staring at a new-look,...Continue reading »

I just spent a better half of this past weekend at the Saberseminar in Boston where I heard from some of the top statistical and mathematical gurus in...Continue reading »

For the first time in four years and probably only the second time in eight years, I made the trek out to Foxboro for a Patriots game.  Even with past...Continue reading »

Secondary sports leagues that try and contend with the best of the best usually, if not always, fail. Football: Donald Trump killed the USFL in the mid-1980’s....Continue reading »

  I used to dislike the guy.  I was team Manti Te’o all the way for the Heisman last year.  Now all of a sudden I think Johnny Football is my...Continue reading »

  With the Dallas Cowboys making headlines after giving AT&T the naming rights to their brand new stadium, Jerryworld (aka Cowboys Stadium), I...Continue reading »

It really is the definition of America and it has to be America’s true pastime.  NASCAR.  Every year (at least for the past three years) on a Sunday...Continue reading »

Here I am enjoying the 4th of July weekend and all of a sudden we have fireworks in the Boston sports world.  I feel like these things always come in...Continue reading »

I truthfully (pun intended) can’t even imagine what Paul Pierce looks like not wearing a green and white basketball jersey.  No doubt that is going...Continue reading »

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