Only the End of the Season, Not the End of the World

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 4:16pm by Mike Bagarella
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Well that wasn’t supposed to be how this ended.  Milan Lucic was supposed to score that goal with just under eight minutes to go and the Bruins were supposed to hold onto the lead for the rest of Game 6.  Just like two years ago in Vancouver, the Bruins were then supposed to roll into Chicago holding all the momentum.  Then, like they had in the first round against Toronto this year, the Bruins were supposed to somehow magically pull out a win in Game 7 and parade the Cup around the United Center before bringing it back to Boston.

Fans were supposed to gather in the streets next weekend for a duck boat parade.  It was supposed to be the largest public gathering in the streets of Boston since the tragic events on Marathon Monday.  The Stanley Cup was supposed to provide this city with its ultimate resurrection of confidence.  Everyone was supposed to start their playoff highlight videos with the line from Barack Obama’s speech that read:

When the Bruins are champions again, to the chagrin of New York and Chicago fans. The crowds will gather and watch a parade go down Boylston Street.

Unfortunately that movie script will have to be thrown away.  Instead the Bruins could not hold on to the 2-1 lead late in Game 6 and would instead watch a seemingly injured Jonathan Toews become the first player to ever raise the Cup in the TD Garden.

I laughed when I watched this video six weeks ago, but last night I felt like I should have been starring in the sequel.  No doubt it was a devastating loss, but my late grandfather gave me some words of wisdom that I have never forgotten in times like these.  Back in February of 2008, only a day after the 18-0 New England Patriots became the 18-1 New England Patriots, my grandfather left a message on my voicemail that ended with the following: “And the Patriots.  Oh, well.  Remember it’s just a sport.”  Only a day later he would pass away and never have I believed more that it really is just a sport, mere entertainment and enjoyment.  There are way more important things in life.

Yeah we can’t enjoy a parade next weekend or buy a new t-shirt, but life does go on and the fantastic part about it is that come October hockey will be back and the Bruins will be on a quest to win the 2014 Stanley Cup.

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