More PED’s Floating Around the MLB? No Surprises Here

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 1:56am by Mike Bagarella
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First off, I think Outside the Lines with Bob Ley might be the worst show on television.  Investigative journalism is neat and all, but they really dig down there to try and expose the ugliest parts of professional sports.  I am actually convinced that Bob Ley doesn’t even like sports.  However, when they prompt the MLB to hand out 100-game suspensions to Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun and other steroided friends with this story I have to listen and of course voice my own opinion.

The game will never be clean. Period.  There will always be something that gives guys an added boost, an unfair advantage, or a step above the rest of the field.  It’s a part of the game and it’s a part of life and the truth of the matter is that–whether you believe it or not–fans really just don’t care.

Players take steroids, human growth hormones, horse tranquilizers or whatever gets it done and then hit lucrative amounts of home runs that the fans and the media eat up.  They continue to do so until they are caught.  They are then posed with two options–two possible paths.

Option one: the player can apologize, are then somehow forgiven in the eyes of the fans, and can continue their careers with the thought of performance enhancing drugs on the backburner (see: Andy Pettitte).

Option two: the player can deny using steroids.  Chaos that includes judicial trials and extensive media coverage ensues (see: Roger Clemens or Rafael Palmeiro).

Regardless of which path a player takes we as fans still watch the games, still buy jerseys, and still buy tickets.  The MLB will dictate both the immediate and distant futures of Ryan Braun, Bartolo Colon, Nelson Cruz, and Melky Cabrera among others, but in the end, how much does it really matter?


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