The Dark Side of Professional Sports

Posted on May 29 2013 - 2:10pm by Mike Bagarella
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One blog post in four months?  My bad.  Lets let some hatred flow and we’ll all get back on track.  Some things in sports just, for lack of a better word, piss me off: pitchers not being able to hit, flopping in basketball, Pierre McGuire, etc.  You’re lying to yourself if you don’t have a list of athletes you can’t stand, so here is my Mount Rushmore of hated athletes:


Eli Manning


Honestly, Eli Manning is an absolute dork.  I am also convinced this guy is hiding some medical condition from the New York Giants staff, but that is a story for a different day.

Am I little bitter after the Giants beat the New England Patriots in two Superbowls? Yeah, anyone from New England should be.  That being said, you can’t sit here and make any argument that Eli Manning is a better quarterback than Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. That is just absolute blasphemy.

Manning has to be the most consistently below-average quarterback in the history of ever.  You can’t even make the “you just hate him because he is good” argument for Eli.  Do Giants fans actually like this guy?  I am genuinely interested.  Regardless, I love to hear the guy talk during postgame interviews.  No Eli, we aren’t laughing with you, we are laughing at you.


LeBron James

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat

He has to be one of the most polarizing athletes in all of sports.  There are those who cannot stand LeBron and then there are the LeBronites, other known as ‘witnesses’, who worship the King.  There was a point in my life where I had the choice between a Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets jersey and a Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James jersey as my first, and eventually only basketball jersey (basketball jerseys just don’t do it for me, never have fit my figure right).  However, needless to say, LeBron is a different character since his days in the Buckeye State.  Ever since “The Decision” LeBron has not been a fan-favorite.  “Not four, not five, not six, not seven”, Cavaliers #23 jerseys burning in the streets of Cleveland, tears from Cavs fans, all images that made us sympathize with Cleveland fans (hey, there’s a first time for everything).  Anyone not from Miami wanted to see Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks destroy the Heat in the finals in 2011 and shockingly the Boston Celtics were one game away from beating the Heat in last year’s Easter Conference Finals.  LeBron has his championship now and unfortunately NBA fans need to prepare for Heat dominance in the foreseeable future.


Jorge Posada


I want to throw up every time I see that image of Jorge Posada.  The classless clown hits a double against the Red Sox in the 2003 ALCS and he thinks it’s a game winner or something.  Act like you’ve been there before, man.  Posada represents everything I dislike about the Yankees: the passive aggressiveness, the arrogance, and the blind loyalty.  The guy pretended to stand up for Don Zimmer when Pedro Martinez made quick work of the 72-year old humbug.  Rather than actually hating Posada, I think the catcher more so represents those late 1990’s and early 2000’s Yankees teams that I could not stand.  I would pick Jeter to represent the Yanks, but you can’t hate Jeter, he has too much class.  Alex Rodriguez sucks too, but I know Yankee fans don’t even like him.  And now for a quick trip down memory lane.

Unfortunately, the rivalry just is not the same these days.  They just play each other too much and the same emotion isn’t there.


Ron Artest


It is beyond me that they let this dude play basketball.  He is an idiot who does not deserve to be playing professional sports.  In the middle of fights and elbowing dudes in the face, Artest does not know how to respect the game of basketball.


Honorable Mentions:

PK Subban




Peyton Manning




Chris Andersen




Matt Cooke




D Wade is a D Bag




Bernard Pollard


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