Superbowl, BU, and Truck Day

Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 6:27pm by Mike Bagarella
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Superbowl XLVII

Superbowl 47 was not a classic championship game nor was it a memorable Superbowl.  Everything in the game was anti-climactic.  The whole “let’s honor Ray Lewis and this Baltimore Ravens team of destiny” thing didn’t go over that well with fans, and the postgame ceremony just felt a little forced.  Moreover, the highly anticipated Harbaugh brother handshake was equally unimpressive and I think we all would have preferred something along these lines. The “memorable play” that sports fans always want to create and debate for every Superbowl for the past ten years was also anti-climactic.  Unlike Santonio Holmes’ Superbowl 43 catch in the back of the end zone or twenty-fifth string wide receiver David Tyree’s helmet catch, the Michael Crabtree play on fourth down was, firstly an awful play call, and secondly, a terrible play to characterize a Superbowl by.   It was one of those plays where you said: “Wait, that’s supposed to be a big play, right?”  There was no build up to the play, no anticipation, no excitement, and then everyone needed to justify its importance by saying there was a hold on the play.  That ball was catchable.  Michael Crabtree is a lazy athlete.  It was a terrible play call by Jim Harbaugh.  Sorry 49ers fans, you didn’t win the Superbowl this year, join the club, we’re getting shirts.


College Basketball

After watching TCU rollover Kansas and then, only a day later, Illinois taking down #1 Indiana (no idea how this ending is even possible), I think I have been converted to a college basketball fan.  First and foremost, the excitement and the energy of the college game is unmatched by the superstar powered David Stern dictatorship that is the National Basketball Association.  For most of my life I have been solely a March Madness guy just like half of America, but the regular season has been growing on me.  Not that the Case Gym isn’t absolutely teeming with energy during BU basketball games (it’s not), but sometimes I really wish this school had a basketball team with the likes of Duke, North Carolina, Indiana, or Kentucky.  The increase in spirit and excitement that a notable college basketball team gives a college would do this school some good.


Beanpot and BU Hockey

While we are on the topic of college sports, what happened to BU hockey?  BU does not lose to Northeastern in the first round of the Beanpot.  I thought this school was known for its hockey team?  When teams like St. Cloud State, Minnesota State, and Quinnipiac are ahead of you in the Division 1 standings, I get concerned.  Dropping a game 5-1 to Zoomass Slamherst, no thanks.  Well, at least we aren’t Sacred Heart (they honestly should just dissolve the season).


Red Sox Offseason

February 5th was officially Truck Day in Boston.  For those of you who don’t know, Truck Day is when they load up them big trucks in front of Fenway Park with all the spring training gear for the Red Sox and send them down to Fort Myers.  For those of you who don’t care, I’m not surprised, not many people do.   We all know the stories; yes, the Red Sox have been less than spectacular recently.  The team has been more of a media circus than a ball club, but, that being said, the Sox are quietly having a terrific offseason.  Ben Cherington, a.k.a. Theo 2.0, has been making all the right moves these past few months—at least on paper.  Starting with bringing former Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell back, Cherington has been building a ball club with a completely different identity.  Signings like Shane Victorino and Joel Hanrahan will pay off big time, while other signings like Jonny Gomes and Ryan Dempster will help tie together loose ends.  The “Year of Transition” has officially begun at Fenway Park and I’m entering it with absolutely zero expectations.

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