Why Patriots Fans Should Be Happy the World Didn’t End

Posted on Dec 22 2012 - 2:22pm by Mike Bagarella
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As Tim Thomas sits in his bunker outside Flint, Michigan preparing for the next end-of-the-world-scenario the rest of us can laugh at the Mayans and realize we wasted our time even believing any of the 2012 hoopla.  With the sun shining, everyone can now go about there business as usual (even though no one ever really took the whole thing seriously and stopped what they were doing in the first place).  It’s an exciting time of year with the holiday season upon us and winter “do no work” break but, sports fans, especially those from Beantown, have even more to be excited about in the coming months in regard to their football team.

The New England Patriots are looking like the best team in football right now regardless of whether or not they lost a seven-point game to a team with an ugly looking record with a tie to the St. Louis Rams and an even uglier back-up/starter hybrid of a quarterback.  The 49ers have a great defense no doubt, but mark my words, Tom Brady does not lose to the same team twice in the same year and I do not expect Colin Kaepernick to change this if these two teams meet in New Orleans on February 3rd.

Speaking of the Superbowl, I fully expect this Patriot team to make a run through the AFC.  Let’s be honest, the Mayan Apocolypse was the only thing preventing the Patriots from laying a beat down on the 2-12 Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday in their Week 16 match up. A similar massacre will be following the next week when the Patriots dismantle the Miami Dolphins in the season finale at Gillette Stadium (let’s pray for snow).  That would put the Patriots at 12-4 for the season and hopefully, but at this point unlikely, give them a bye to start the playoffs.

Assuming the Patriots do not receive a bye they will likely be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cinncinati Bengals, or Indianapolis Colts in a Wild Card match up in Foxboro.  As they did in Week 11 the Patriots would destroy a team like the Colts and show Andrew Luck that playoff football in Foxboro is nothing like playing in any type of college bowl game.  The Bengals and Andy Dalton are still a year or two away from making a legitamite playoff run, but I have to say it would be hilarious to see Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis fumble in front of Patriots fans.   We all know the Steelers still have the ability to play strong playoff football, but after their loss to Tim Tebow in the playoffs last year I really cannot consider them a playoff threat.

In the second round the Patriots could get the Houston Texans, a team that only a few weeks ago suffered their worst loss in two years against the Patriots, or the Denver Broncos.  The Broncos and Peyton Manning would provide the Patriots with their most exciting and challenging match up in the playoffs.  Because the game would be played in the Mile High City, I think it would be a closer game, but still Brady trumps Manning in every aspect known to man.

With the Patriots being able to beat every team in the AFC, it seems making it to New Orleans should be a breeze; however, as we all have seen in the past (yes I’m looking at you Packers and Falcons fans), anything can happen in the playoffs.

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