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Little League baseball was without doubt the highlight of my athletic career. Not only was it the most fun I ever had on a baseball diamond, but it taught me so many life lessons about how to play the game the right way and act on and off the field. Fortune enough to be coached and surrounded by great people who cared about more than just winning baseball games, Little League taught me more than anything else that there is more to life than winning and losing. It appears as thought that message was hidden and locked away from the boys of the Jackie Robinson West Little...Continue reading »

As we approach the second half of the NBA season there are several things that appear to be in order. LeBron James is leading a star-studded team, the Western Conference is cluttered with above average teams, and Stephen Curry continues to prove he isn’t human. Though, one aspect of the 2014-2015 NBA season that continues to surprise everyone associated with the game is the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have been stuck in NBA purgatory for much of the past ten years. The team holds the longest current playoff streak in the NBA, making several one and done trips to the postseason...Continue reading »

Discourse is the secret to success. You can never have enough words at your disposal (That’s probably why Shakespeare made up so many of them). My Mom is always quick to note this when she says to me, “Isaac, you really need to improve your vocabulary.” Vocabulary is the bank that is either your best friend or your evil enemy. You can either walk up to the ATM excited to see the paycheck promptly arriving in your checking account, or stare in confusion to find there is nothing left and your weekly check has just been bounced. As a writer, your hope is that the bank...Continue reading »

Don’t like it. Love it. That’s the motto in my neck of the woods these days, where Bentley’s and Aston Martin’s run wild, where words like “mate” and “futbol” roam free, and the sunset graces over Buckingham Palace and the world’s most marvelous sites to have ever graced my blue eyes. I’m talking about the city of London, where I’ll be studying abroad this semester and penning a weekly column about the voyages I embark on and the scholarly knowledge I gain over the next three months. It’s been just over a week in this city, and I’ve already seen...Continue reading »

  The King is coming home. This move wasn’t about basketball. It wasn’t about the roster or the management in Cleveland or Miami. This was about unfinished business. LeBron’s legacy in Miami was cemented. He left Cleveland to join a star-studded cast and did exactly what we all knew he would do. Four years, four championship appearances, two titles, two MVP’s. No one can ever take these years from James. He blossomed into a seasoned veteran, the best player on the planet. In all honesty, there was nothing left for him to accomplish there. LeBron has...Continue reading »

If you’ve been watching the World Cup, you’re probably starting to become familiar with the ever-apparent and wonderfully dramatic overarching themes of this years competition in Brazil.  It’s been a World Cup where anything can happen, especially if you’re a CONCACAF team.  The much maligned region, made up of the Caribbean, North America, and Central America, had never gotten more than 2 teams into the knockout stages at a World Cup.  But in this year’s “Cup of CONCACAF” as I am trying to get people to start calling it, a record three teams advanced...Continue reading »

The following column is dedicated to the sports writing legend Rick Reilly, who retired from sports writing at the beginning of June after more than 30 years in the business. His final column was published on June 10. I hope you read this Mr. Reilly. Rick Reilly and I have never met. We probably don’t share much in common. But I do believe we share a bond. Not a bond for pissing people off, hitting the hard deadline, or eating fast food after a long night at the football game. No. The bond I believe we share goes much deeper. It’s a passion. A passion for storytelling....Continue reading »

US Coach Jürgen Klinsmann has caused a bit of a firestorm in the media with some of his recent decisions and comments.  Klinsmann cut Landon Donovan, the United States’ all-time leading goalscorer, keeping him off the plane to Brazil in lieu of younger, sprier talents.  Jürgen also caused controversy with his recent comments that the United States can not win this World Cup. “We cannot win this World Cup, because we are not at that level yet,” Klinsmann said, “realistically, it is not possible.” To the average American, who only watches soccer once every...Continue reading »

I hate to say I told you so, but I did correctly predict both Conference Finals series (Heat in 6 and Spurs in 6), so I kind of did tell you so. If my Conference Finals preview wasn’t enough to convince you to stray away from ESPN’s 24 hour coverage of these playoffs, then hopefully this NBA Finals preview will be enough to convince you that Chipps can indeed see into the future (put that on the record). For the first time since the great Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz Finals in 1996 and 1997, we have a rematch in the NBA Finals. Last year’s NBA Finals was one for...Continue reading »

Less than a week ago I was sitting in Grandstand 22 at Fenway Park as the Red Sox battled the Blue Jays in a midweek match-up.  It was replica ring night at Fenway and the only thing that had any reminiscent value of the 2013 World Series Championship were the free metal rings given out at the ticket gates. Fresh off a sweep from the Detroit Tigers (my early season pick to win the 2014 World Series) in which the Red Sox scored only three runs, the defending World Series Champs were now beginning another difficult series against MLB’s representatives from Canada. The...Continue reading »

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